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例:How much is the shirt?
    A.£19.15    B.£9.18.    C.£9.15.
1.How many eggs will the woman prepare?
    A 20    B.30.    C 300.
2.Where does the conversation probably take place?
    A. On a plane.    B In a hotel.    C ,On a train.
3.What's the man's opinion on advertisements?
    A They should be limited.  B. They are really annoying.    C. They are acceptable
4.What does the man like most about 2016?
    A Getting a house.    B. Packing and unpacking.    C Moving constantly
5.Whatis the woman's plan?
    A To start her own business. B. To be a college professor.    C. To major in education.
6. What is the probable relationship between the speakers?
    A. Relatives    B. Doctor and patient    C Husband and wife.
7.What happened to Eli?
    A. He passed away.    B He was injured seriously.    C. He got a heart attack.
8 What class does Mary have this morning?
    A Botany.    B Spanish    C. Geography.
9. Why did Olivia stay up painting?
    A. She intended to get good grades
    B. She wanted to earn a scholarship
    C She thought she was more creative.
10. Where does the woman come from?  
    A. Singapore    B America.    C. Thailand.
11. What do we know about the man?
    A. He will fly to New York during the vacation
    B. He prefers to travel to a smaller place
    C. He has travelled a lot in Thailand.
12. Why is the woman in a hurry?.
    A. To catch her flight.    B To give a lesson.    C. To grade papers
13. Who is the woman?
    A A hotel manager    B. A coach driver    C.A travel agent.
14. What happened to the man first?
    A. The coach broke down.  B His demand was rejected.    C. His room was in a mess.
15. What does the man complain about?
    A .Impolite hotel cleaners.  B Bad sevice and poor food.    C. Noise downstairs
16. How does the man feel about the woman's apology?
    A. Satisfactory    B. Sincere    C Annoying.
17. What is the program about?
    A. Travel.    B. Culture.    C. Food.
18. What does the joke mean?
    A. People tip differently    B Americans are generous.    C .French people are mean
19. How much do Americans usually tip?
    A. Less than l0%.    B About 15%    C More than 20%
20. What can we learn from the program?
    A. Tipping is uncommon in Brazil.
    B. Tipping is the No. l important thing.
    C. Tipping is nota must in British cafes.
第二部分:  阅读理解(共两节,满分40分)
阅读下面短文,从每题所给的A. B.C和D四个选项中,选出最佳选项。
Schedule a Tour
    University of South Carolina (USC) is famous for its warm southern hospitality(好客)Schedule a visit and feel it in person. Our walking tours are led by current students, called University Ambassadors, who are looking forward to telling you what it's like to live and study in USC. Our walking tours run Monday through Friday and most are around 2 hours. The university will be closed on Tuesday, July 4, 2017 in observance of the holiday. We welcome your visit year round and will be ready for you, rain or shine. Please refer to the list
below to determine which tour is best for you and remember to book at least two weeks in advance.

21. Why is USC closed to visitors on July 4?
    A. To prepare a tour.                                     B. To update its website.
     C. To celebrate the holiday.                              D. To encourage a self-guided walk.
22. Who does Admitted Student Day target?
    A. AU visitors to USC.                                B. Those applying for fall 2017.
     C. Independent consultants.                        D. Those admitted for fall 2017.
23. How can you cancel a scheduled visit?
     A. By turning to University Ambassadors.            B. By visiting USC Visitor Center.
    C. By emailing cvisits@mailbox,sc.edu.             D. By registering once again.
24. If a 15-people group requests a summer visit, they need to                .
        A. submit Group Visit interest Form                  B. email visior@mailbox.sc.edu
         C. call 800-922-9755                              D. check out Virtual Tour
Dearest darling girl,
      Today is the beginning of the next stage in your life. We head off to your new home at Stanford. Where do I start in telling you how proud I feel to be called Mummy by you? We've laughed at how you burst into this world with a scowl on your face, how determined you have always been right from feeding ! yourself to making big decisions for your life. There were days during your illness that I wasn't sure you had the will to make it. Telling you that you needed to want to get better was the hardest and yet the greatest day. From that day you took responsibility and decided you wanted to beat anorexia(厌食症).
     I don't think I've ever felt so proud of you as when you came home to say that you wanted to go to West Africa between school and university. You chose to go alone, and to raise the money yourself. You have such strength of character and determination. It is at times hard to believe that you are only 18. You experienced something in that month that few dare experience in a lifetime.
     So, Viv, here are my words of wisdom to you as you start your next big adventure. The world is a beautiful place but often a few things can make it seem difficult. God's temple is made of love. It's man's temple that is built of stones. Open your heart to goodness and never ever let negative people or thoughts take hold of you. As Minor Myers put it, "Go into the world and do we’ll. But more importantly, go into the world and do good:'
    It is true that with every passing day, I will grow older and weaker. A day may come when I will become forgetful. But even then, you with your bright smile, will light up my heart.
                                                            Your Alo
25. What can be learned from the first paragraph?
     A. She was once a trouble maker.                         B  She's a freshman in Stanford.
      C. She relies on her parents a lot.                          D. She was defeated by anorexia.
26. Why did Viv go to West Africa?
    A. To do what others dare not.                          B. To show her determination.
    C. To get money for school fees.                          D. To go on an adventure by herself.
27. What is Alo's advice for Viv?
      A. To be a positive and kind person.                B. To avoid the negative part of life.
      C. To be cautious of cold-hearted people.               D. To explore the beauty of the world.
 28. How did the author feel when writing the letter?
       A. Amused and thankful.                             B. Pleased and satisfied.
        C. Cheerful and relieved.                          D. Concerned and anxious.
       Life may have evolved on at least three planets within a newly discovered solar system 39 light years from Earth. Astronomers at the NASA have discovered no less than seven roughly Earth-sized worlds orbiting a dwarf star in the system. Scientists had previously identified a tiny number of "exoplanets", which are believed to have the qualities needed to support life. However, the new system contains an unprecedented(前所未有) number of Earth-sized, probably rocky planets, and is being acknowledged as an "accelerated leap forward" in the search for  extraterrestrial (外星球的)life.
       Three of the new planets are said to be particularly promising because there might exist oceans. Thomas Zurbuchen, associate administrator of NASA, told a press conference in Washington: "This gives us a hint that finding a second Earth is not a matter of 'if', but 'when'."
         The planets were discovered using NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, which was able to track how fast each of the planets crossed the star Trappist-l and completed an orbit. From this the  research team calculated how far the planets were from their star, and therefore how likely they are to be habitable.
         NASA's Hubble Space Telescope is already being used to search for atmospheres around the planets. Future telescopes, including the proposed European Extremely Large Telescope and the James Webb Space Telescope, may be powerful enough to discover markers of life, such as oxygen in the atmospheres of exoplanets.
        Astronomers believe there could be as many as 40 billion potentially habitable worlds in our
galaxy, the Milky Way. Prof Zurbuchen said that now was a "gold-rush phase" in the search for
these exoplanets.
29. What makes the new discovery significant?
       A. Ample markers of life                                 B. The potential to support life.
       C. Great distance from Earth.                           D. The search for extraterrestrial life.
30. What helps explore atmospheres around the exoplanets?
       A. Spitzer Space Telescope.                             B. Hubble Space Telescope.
      C. European Extremely Large Telescope.          D. James Webb Space Telescope.
31. What may be the best title for the text7
         A. New Solar System Found                                B. Second Earth Discovered
       C. Why to Explore Outer Space                        D. Gold-Rush Stage to Come
           Why do we read poetry? First obvious one: because we enjoy it. The only other reason is for
academic purposes, and that's not why this is here.
         Many of us read poetry simply because we often feel depressed and hopelessly lost, and in poetry we see how beautiful and strange everything is. So in that way poetry calms our anxiety.
        There are many different kinds of poems. They are not all calming. Some poems make me anxious, angry, scared, and sad, which is why I value them  As a reader, I want a full meal, not just dessert. I want the sweet and the bitter. Often, I read poetry when I'm already relaxed. In fact, I read more when I'm not stressed out.
         Here are the main reasons I respond to poetry, as far as I can tell. Metrical(格律的) poems are about setting up rules and then bending them. Usually. this is done by setting up a rhythm and then violating it or almost violating it. And then returning to Lt again. This satisfies my desire for order and also my desire for testing boundaries:
      Poetry plays with language and often slams words together in surprising ways. which is thrilling the way food can be when the chef has paired ingredients you never thought would taste good together but somehow do.
         Many poems are dense. Words mean two or three things at once and lots of suggestions are packed between the lines. This is intellectually inspiring and it allows me to read the same poem over and over always finding new things in it
    And, of course, there's the subject matter. It interests me just as it would if the same subject was explored in a story or essay. Not all poems interest me in this way, but then not all stories and essays do, either.
32. What kind of poems does the author probably enjoy reading?
    A Academic poems.    B Valuable poems.
    C. Poems that calm readers down.    D Poems that arouse feelings.
33. What does the underlined word "it" in Paraglaph4 refer to?
    A. Setting up a rhythm    B. Poetry.    C. Violating rules    D. Rhythm.
34. Why does poetry appeal to the author'?
    A. It plays with words.    B It sounds surprising
    C. It  is rich in meaning.    D It is filled with new ideas.
35. What can we infer from the text?
    A The author doesn't like all the essays.    B Reading poems requires patience.
    C. The subject counts a lot to the author.    D. Writing poems is similar to cooking.
How to Write Product Descriptions Like a Professional
    Whenever you sell any type of product, you have to convince someone why they should make a purchase.__   36  You can hire8 product description writing service or you can deal with it yourself We believe writing a convincing copy is the key. Here's how to write product descriptions like a professional.
    ●Read the Best Copy
    You can't write a description until you know how experts are doing it.__37 .Using Amazon is an ideal method to find the best-sellers in your category. If they've reached the list of best-sellers they're doing something right
    ●  38
    Normally, the specifications provided by the producer give you the bare facts about the product and nothing else.__    39 Ask the producer to talk to you about their product. Get the facts from 8 human and you'll  discover the heart behind the product. This is what you need to present to potential customers.
    ●Cut Down
__    40  It doesn't matter if you produce a long story about how smooth the materials are or how the product is created in detail. It's always easier to cut everything down. Of course it always takes practice to get this right.
Writing a persuasive product description requires a lot of time and effort. Multiple drafts are often needed to find the best words for the job.
    A. Consult the producer
    B. Begin the first draft carefully
    C .There's no soul to these statistics
    D. Speak to someone you trust about your ideas
    E. Look at your chosen field and find the best-sellers
    F. Don't write a 50-word product description immediately
    G .You need to get your product description right in order to do this
    阅读下面短文,从短文后各题所给的A. B.C和D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白
    Sometimes you meet an ordinary person doing something extraordinary. On a recent trip I met Normand Gallant. Normand is someone you could pass on the street and     41      notice but he is a very special person who___   42     recognition.
    Norm lives in a remote area far from the__     43     big hospital, so when his wife__     44  
cancer several years ago, Norm was faced with a four hour__   45  to where she could be treated. That meant lots of    46    for meals, fuel, hotels and so on. But in the end the cancer took his wife    47
    Norm was obviously__     48 by his wife's passing, but he was also very angry,__     49  he realized that other people were__   50 the same sorts of hardships. He wanted to do something but he didn't want to give money to the__    51    that support cancer research because he didn't know how much would actually get to the researchers. What he did was to     52     parties.
        About every three weeks on Saturday evenings, there is a party in Norm's garage. There is music and dancing, and    53    during the evening Norm tells about a family who are having  difficulties      54 the cost of supporting a cancer patient undertaking      55      far from home. Then a honey-pail is passed around and the money   56  , every cent of it goes   57   to that family.
       Norm's personal loss has    58    an act of kindness that honors the    59    of the wife he has lost. Wouldn't it be _60    if we had more people in the world like Normand Gallant?  He makes the world a better place.
41. A. often         B. ever         C. always        D. never
42. A. deserves     B. dislikes        C. avoids       D. achieves
43. A. best         B. nearest        C. cleanest       D. cheapest
44. A. discovered       B. cured      C. examined         D. developed
45. A. flight        B. walk         C. drive         D. wait
46. A. trouble      B. expense            C. efforts          D. preparations
47.A. anyway         B. somehow         C. meanwhile         D. instead
48. A. impressed        B. stricken          C. moved    D. terrified
49. A. if          B. although       C. before        D. because
50.A. understanding          B. questioning              C. facing         D. settling
51. A. doctors           B. families                C. organizations          D. hospitals
52. A. attend        B. promote       C. throw        D. enjoy
53. A. at some point       B. by this means         C. for some reason         D. in this case
54. A. calculating          B. decreasing          C. budgeting                D. meeting
55. A. research           B. treatment                 C. responsibility           D. risk
56. A. collected          B. distributed             C. saved                   D. deposited
57. A. gradually          B. smoothly            C. directly                   D. explicitly
58. A. served as         B. resulted from           C. gone through        D. contributed to
59. A. memory       B. recovery       C. cancer        D. kindness
60. A. interesting        B. nice                C. precious           D. meaningful
    Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization that inspires a love for reading and builds community. It is also referred to__      61   neighborhood book exchanges around the world  This is a creative idea   62   (think) up by Todd Bol and Rick Brooks in 2009, which  seeks__      63 (put) small book exchange boxes right in front of a house or on a street comer to  offer free books to      64     (member) of the local community. Mini libraries of all shapes and sizes exist, from a  65    (bright) painted wooden house to a library based on Doctor Who's TARDIS.
    66   makes the idea so special? Their website states: "Little Free Libraries have a unique, personal touch and there is an understanding that people are sharing their favorite books with their community, These are not just any old books__      67 a carefully organized collection. Besides, the library     68     (it) is a piece of neighborhood art!"
    Through Little Free Libraries, millions of books   69  (exchange) each year among readers of all ages and backgrounds. They also play an important role in remote areas by__     70  (provide) access to books and encouraging a love for reading.
    增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号( ),并在其下面写出该加的词。
    I liked cycling very much. At age of twelve, my father bought me a bike as a birthday gifts
and taught me how to ride. Every time my father took him out for practice, my little brother
would come along. One day, we were practicing while suddenly my brother screamed to help
When we rushed to him, we saw a snake wind around a frog tightly. I beg my father to save the
frog. Immediate he picked it up a long stick, trying to drive the snake away. About two minutes
later, the frog was set loose, what made us so happy.

厦门市201 7届高中毕业班第一次质量检查
  1.C2.A    3.C    4.A    5.C    6.A    7.C    8.A    9.C  10.B
 11.B    l2.B    13.C    14.A    l5.B    l6.C    17.B18.A  19.B  20.C
21.C    22.D    23.C24.A    25.B    26.D    27.A    28.B    29.B    30.B
31.A    32.D    33.D    34.C    35.C    36.G    37.E    38.A    39.C    40.F
41.D42.A    43.B    44.D    45.C    46.B    47.A    48.B    49.D    50.C
51.C    52.C53.A    54.D    55.B    56.A  57.C    58.D    59.A    60.B
61. as    62.thought    63.to put    64.members    65.  brightly
66. What    67.but    68.itself    69.are exchanged  70.  providing

  One possible version
Dear Mr. Green,
    With World Water Day around the corner, our school is planning a series of activities. I'm writing to invite
 you to give us a lecture on the topic of wastewater disposal and utilization.
   The lecture will be held in our School Hall from 4:00 t0 5:30 0n the afternoon of March 19. We hope it can
 arouse students' awareness of water crisis as well as develop the habit of water recycling. If everyone can make  good use of water, we together can make a big difference.
       I would be grateful if you could accept my invitation. I'm looking forward to your early reply.

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