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英  语
第一部分  听力
1. What will James do tomorrow?
A. Watch a TV program.
B. Give a talk.
C. Write a report.
【解析】Text 1
W: James, you've been watching TV for the whole evening. What's on?
M: It's a science program on the origin of the universe. I'll give a presentation on it in my class tomorrow.
2. What can we say about the woman?
A. She’s generous.
B. She’s curious.
C. She’s helpful.
【解析】Text 2
M: Hello, do you have "The Best of Mozart"?
W: Um, sorry, we've just sold out. But we can order one for you. If you give us your number, we'll call you when the CD arrives.
3. When does the train leave?
A. At 6:30.    B. At 8:30.    C. At 10:30.
【解析】Text 3
W: We'd better be going now, or we'll be late for the train.
M: No rush. It's 8:30 now. We still have two hours.
4. How does the woman go to work?
A. By car.    B. On foot.    C. By bike.
【解析】Text 4
M: I am so tired of driving all those hours to work.
W: Yeah. I know what you mean. I used to drive two hours to work each way. But now, I live within walking distance of my office. I don't even need a bike.
5. What is the probable relationship between the speakers?
A. Classmates.
B. Teacher and student.
C. Doctor and patient.
【解析】Text 5
W: Hi, Andy. I didn't see you in Professor Smith's class yesterday. What happened?
M: Well, I had a headache. So, I called him and asked for sick leave.
6. What does the woman regret?
A. Giving up her research.
B. Dropping out of college.
C. Changing her major.
7. What is the woman interested in studying now?
A. Ecology.
B. Education.
C. Chemistry.
【答案】6. B    7. A
【解析】Text 6
W: The biggest mistake I made, uh...was leaving college in my last year and not completing my education. So, I', thinking of going back to school.
M: School? To study what?
W: Ecology. I'm interested in the relationship between humans and nature.
M: Cool. Is it what you studied years ago?
M: No, I majored in chemistry then.
6. 本题为听力题,解析略。
7. 本题为听力题,解析略。
8. What is the man?
A. A hotel manager.
B. A tour guide
C. A taxi driver.
9. What is the man doing for the woman?
A. Looking for some local foods.
B. Showing her around the seaside.
C. Offering information about a hotel.
【答案】8. B    9. C
【解析】Text 7
M: Good morning, madam. I am your guide for this trip.
W: How lovely! Could you tell me about the hotel I'm going to stay at?
M: Yes, of course. The Grand Hotel opened in 1990. And it sits on the seaside along the South Coast Highway. It is the most beautiful hotel here.
W: That sounds great.
M: And there are some restaurants outside. So, at dinnertime, you'd have a lot fo choices.
W: That's really nice. I like to have some local foods while traveling. What about the scenery around it?
M: The hotel has the best views of the Pacific Ocean.
W: Oh, I think I will love this hotel.
8. 此为听力题,解析略
9. 此为听力题,解析略
10. Where does the conversation probably take place?
A. In an office.
B. At home.
C. At a restaurant.
11. What will the speakers do tomorrow evening?
A. Go to a concert.
B. Visit a friend.
C. Work extra hours.
12. Who is Alice going to call?
A. Mike.
B. Joan.
C. Catherine.
【答案】10. C    11. A    12. B
【解析】Text 8
W: Hi, Mike.
M: Hi, Alice. Nice to see you. You don't often come here.
W: I usually have fast food delivered to my office. Just came here for a change today.
M: The environment here is good -- clean and relatively quiet.
W: yeah, and I heard the food is tasty. By the way, are you going to the concert tomorrow evening?
M: Yes, are you?
W: Yeah. Catherine was supposed to go with me. But she may have to work extra hours tomorrow. Do you know anyone who might like to go?
M: No. But if you like, I can ask around. Uh, Joan might want to go.
W: Oh, yes. She's a great fan of classical music. I'll give her a ring after lunch.
10. 此为听力题,解析略
11. 此为听力题,解析略
12. 此为听力题,解析略
13. Why does the woman meet the man?
A. To look at an apartment.
B. To deliver some furniture.
C. To have a meal together.
14. What does the woman like about the carpet?
A. Its color.
B. Its design.
C. Its quality.
15. What does the man say about the kitchen?
A. It’s a good size.
B. It’s newly painted.
C. It’s adequately equipped.
16. What will the woman most probably do next?
A. Go downtown.
B. Talk with her friend.
C. Make payment.
【答案】13. A    14. A    15. C    16. B
【解析】Text 9
W: Hi, I've only just arrived.
M: Oh, good. Now, here are the keys. Let's go in. There are two apartments. The one for rent is on the right. Do come in.
W: Thank you. I like the carpet. The color is nice, isn't it?
M: Yes, and this apartment is in good condition. Here is your lounge.
W: Where would we eat?
M: There is this corner here, or you can use your kitchen. Come and see.
W: The kitchen is quite small.
M: Yes, but it has everything -- cooker, fridge, even a dishwasher.
W: And there are lots of cupboards.
M: Let me show you the bedrooms. This is the smaller one.
W: It's a good size, though.
M: Now come into the other bedroom. You can see the bathroom, too.
W: Yes. It is very nice, but I will have to ask my friend first. And we will come together. I understand it is $800 a month.
M: Yes, but a few blocks downtown would be much more expensive.
W: Well, thank you. I will be in touch.
13. 此为听力题,解析略
14. 此为听力题,解析略
15. 此为听力题,解析略
16. 此为听力题,解析略
17. Who is the speaker probably talking to?
A. Movie fans.
B. News reporters.
C. College students.
18. When did the speaker take English classes?
A. Before he left his hometown,
B. After he came to America.
C. When he was 15 years old.
19. How does the speaker mainly talk about?
A. He’s proud.
B. He’s sympathetic.
C. He’s grateful.
20. What does the speaker mainly talk about?
A. How education shaped his life.
B. How his language skills improved.
C. How he managed his business well.
【答案】17. C    18. B    19. C    20. A
【解析】Text 10

17. 此为听力题,解析略
18. 此为听力题,解析略
19. 此为听力题,解析略
20. 此为听力题,解析略
第二部分  阅读理解
In 1812, the year Charles Dickens was born, there were 66 novels published in Britain. People had been writing novels for a century—most experts date the first novel to Robinson Crusoe in 1719—but nobody wanted to do it professionally. The steam-powered printing press was still in its early stages; the literacy(识字) rate in England was under 50%. Many works of fiction appeared without the names of the authors, often with something like “By a lady.” Novels, for the most part, were looked upon as silly, immoral, or just plain bad.
In 1870, when Dickens died, the world mourned him as its first professional writer and publisher, famous and beloved, who had led an explosion in both the publication of novels and their readership and whose characters — from Oliver Twist to Tiny Tim— were held up as moral touchstones. Today Dickens’ greatness is unchallenged. Removing him from the pantheon(名人堂) of English literature would make about as much sense as the Louvre selling off the Mona Lisa.
How did Dickens get to the top? For all the feelings readers attach to stories, literature is a numbers game, and the test of time is extremely difficult to pass. Some 60,000 novels were published during the Victorian age, from 1837 to1901; today a casual reader might be able to name a half-dozen of them. It’s partly true that Dickens’ style of writing attracted audiences from all walks of life. It’s partly that his writings rode a wave of social, political and scientific progress. But it’s also that he rewrote the culture of literature and put himself at the center. No one will ever know what mix of talent, ambition, energy and luck made Dickens such a distinguished writer. But as the 200th anniversary of his birth approaches, it is possible — and important for our own culture—to understand how he made himself a lasting one.
21. Which of the following best describes British novels in the 18th century?
A. They were difficult to understand.
B. They were popular among the rich.
C. They were seen as nearly worthless.
D. They were written mostly by women.
22. Dickens is compared with the Mona Lisa in the text to stress________.
A. his reputation in France
B. his interest in modern art
C. his success in publication
D. his importance in literature
23. What is the author’s purpose in writing the text?
A. To remember a great writer.
B. To introduce an English novel.
C. To encourage studies on culture.
D. To promote values of the Victorian age.
【答案】21. C    22. D    23. A
【解析】本文写于Charles Dickens诞辰200周年前夕,介绍了Charles Dickens在英国小说方面的重要贡献和深远影响。
21. 细节理解题。根据第一段对当时情况的描写nobody wanted to do it professionally. The steam-powered printing press was still in its early stages; the literacy(识字)rate in England was under 50%. Many works of fiction appeared without the names of the authors... Novels, for the most part, were looked upon as silly, immoral, or just plain bad.可知,印刷技术落后,人们识字率低,作品上没有作者名字,小说被认为是愚蠢的、不正常的,或者毫无价值可言。故选C。
22. 推理判断题。根据第二段Dickens’ greatness is unchallenged.和列举的Charles Dickens小说的影响可知,把他和Mona Lisa相比是为了说明Charles Dickens在英国小说方面的重要性和Mona Lisa在绘画方面的重要性是一样的,故选D。
23. 写作意图题。根据文中对Charles Dickens及其作品在英国小说史上重要性的描写,和文章最后But as the 200th anniversary of his birth approaches, it is possible — and important for our own culture—to understand how he made himself a lasting one.可知,本文是写于Charles Dickens诞辰200周年前夕,由此可知作者写本文是为了纪念这位伟大的作家。故选A。
1. 推测文章的观点或结论。小题1要求判断18世纪英国小说的现状,根据第一段对当时情况的描写nobody wanted to do it professionally. The steam-powered printing press was still in its early stages; the literacy rate in England was under 50%.Novels, were looked upon as silly, immoral, or just plain bad.可知,当时印刷技术落后,人们识字率低,小说被认为是愚蠢的不正常的,毫无价值可言。
2. 推测作者写作目的或意图。小题3判断本文的写作目的,根据文中对Charles Dickens及其作品在英国小说史上重要性的描写,和文章最后But as the 200th anniversary of his birth approaches, it is possible — and important for our own culture—to understand how he made himself a lasting one.可知,本文是写于Charles Dickens诞辰200周年前夕,由此推断作者写本文是为了纪念这位伟大的作家。
Steven Stein likes to follow garbage trucks. His strange habit makes sense when you consider that he’s an environmental scientist who studies how to reduce litter, including things that fall off garbage trucks as they drive down the road. What is even more interesting is that one of Stein's jobs is defending an industry behind the plastic shopping bags.
Americans use more than 100 billion thin film plastic bags every year. So many end up in tree branches or along highways that a growing number of cities do not allow them at checkouts(收银台). The bags are prohibited in some 90 cities in California, including Los Angeles. Eyeing these headwinds, plastic-bag makers are hiring scientists like Stein to make the case that their products are not as bad for the planet as most people assume.
Among the bag makers' argument: many cities with bans still allow shoppers to purchase paper bags, which are easily recycled but require more energy to produce and transport. And while plastic bags may be ugly to look at, they represent a small percentage of all garbage on the ground today.
The industry has also taken aim at the product that has appeared as its replacement: reusable shopping bags. The stronger a reusable bag is, the longer its life and the more plastic-bag use it cancels out. However, longer-lasting reusable bags often require more energy to make. One study found that a cotton bag must be used at least 131 times to be better for the planet than plastic.
Environmentalists don't dispute(质疑) these points. They hope paper bags will be banned someday too and want shoppers to use the same reusable bags for years.
24. What has Steven Stein been hired to do?
A. Help increase grocery sales.
B. Recycle the waste material.
C. Stop things falling off trucks.
D. Argue for the use of plastic bags.
25. What does the word “headwinds” in paragraph 2 refer to?
A. Bans on plastic bags.
B. Effects of city development.
C. Headaches caused by garbage.
D. Plastic bags hung in trees.
26. What is a disadvantage of reusable bags according to plastic-bag makers?
A. They are quite expensive.
B. Replacing them can be difficult.
C. They are less strong than plastic bags.
D. Producing them requires more energy.
27. What is the best title for the text?
A. Plastic, Paper or Neither
B. Industry, Pollution and Environment
C. Recycle or Throw Away
D. Garbage Collection and Waste Control
【答案】24. D    25. A    26. D    27. A
24. 细节理解题。根据第一段one of Stein's jobs is defending an industry behind the plastic shopping bags.和第二段plastic-bag makers are hiring scientists like Stein to make the case that their products are not as bad for the planet as most people assume.可知,塑料袋生产商雇用Steven Stein是为了证明他们的产品并不像大多数人想象的那样对地球有害,是对塑料袋被禁用的解释和争论。故选D。
25. 词义猜测题。上文介绍在许多美国大城市塑料袋被禁用,看到这种现状,塑料袋生产商雇用Steven Stein等科学家是为了证明他们的产品并不像大多数人想象的那样对地球有害。headwinds意为“逆风”,此处指塑料袋被禁用的现状,即Bans on plastic bags,故选A。
26. 细节理解题。根据第四段However, longer-lasting reusable bags often require more energy to make.可知,塑料袋生产商认为生产耐用且能重复使用的袋子需要更多的能源,故选D。
27. 标题归纳题。文章讲述了使用塑料袋会造成环境问题,纸袋容易回收,但生产和运输需要更多的能源,环保主义者希望消费者使用耐用可重复使用的袋子。对这三种方式进行了对比,Plastic, Paper or Neither既能概括全文,又能吸引读者,最适合作为标题。故选A。
点睛:概括主旨的方法是:先看首尾或各段开头再看全文找主题句,若无明显主题句,就通过关键词句来概括(如议论文中寻找表达作者观点态度的词句,要看懂全文的主要内容,明白了主要内容就能准确概括文章标题)。小题4要求概括标题,本文讲述了使用塑料袋造成的环境问题,纸袋容易回收,但生产和运输需要更多的能源,希望消费者使用耐用可重复使用的袋子。对这三种方式进行了对比,Plastic, Paper or Neither既能概括全文,又能吸引读者,适合作为标题。
As cultural symbols go, the American car is quite young. The Model T Ford was built at the Piquette Plant in Michigan a century ago, with the first rolling off the assembly line(装配线) on September 27, 1908. Only eleven cars were produced the next month. But eventually Henry Ford would build fifteen million of them.
Modern America was born on the road, behind a wheel. The car shaped some of the most lasting aspects of American culture: the roadside diner, the billboard, the motel, even the hamburger. For most of the last century, the car represented what it meant to be American—going forward at high speed to find new worlds. The road novel, the road movie, these are the most typical American ideas, born of abundant petrol, cheap cars and a never-ending interstate highway system, the largest public works project in history.
In 1928 Herbert Hoover imagined an America with “a chicken in every pot and a car in every garage.” Since then, this society has moved onward, never looking back, as the car transformed America from a farm-based society into an industrial
The cars that drove the American Dream have helped to create a global ecological disaster. In America the demand for oil has grown by 22 percent since 1990.
The problems of excessive(过度的) energy consumption, climate change and population growth have been described in a book by the American writer Thomas L. Friedman. He fears the worst, but hopes for the best.
Friedman points out that the green economy(经济) is a chance to keep American strength. “The ability to design, build and export green technologies for producing clean water, clean air and healthy and abundant food is going to be the currency of power in the new century.”
28. Why is hamburger mentioned in paragraph 2?
A. To explain Americans’ love for travelling by car.
B. To show the influence of cars on American culture.
C. To stress the popularity of fast food with Americans.
D. To praise the effectiveness of America’s road system.
29. What has the use of cars in America led to?
A. Decline of economy.    B. Environmental problems.
C. A shortage of oil supply.    D. A farm-based society.
30. What is Friedman’s attitude towards America’s future?
A. Ambiguous.    B. Doubtful.    C. Hopeful.    D. Tolerant.
【答案】28. B    29. B    30. C
28.  推理判断题。根据第二段Modern America was born on the road, behind a wheel. The car shaped some of the most lasting aspects of American culture: the roadside diner, the billboard, the motel, even the hamburger.可知,现代美国诞生于公路和汽车,汽车塑造了美国文化最持久的一些方面。Hamburger就是汽车塑造的美国文化的一个方面。用这个例子是在说明汽车对美国文化的影响,故选B。
29. 细节理解题。根据第四段The cars that drove the American Dream have helped to create a global ecological disaster.可知,美国汽车的迅速发展,导致全球生态灾难,也就是造成环境问题。故选B。
30. 推理判断题。根据倒数第二段中的He fears the worst, but hopes for the best.和最后一段中的Friedman points out that the green economy(经济) is a chance to keep American strength.可见,Friedman虽然对未来担心,但抱有最好的希望,他指出了发展绿色经济是保持美国实力的一个机会的想法。可见Friedman对未来是充满希望的,故选C。
1. 略读材料,大概了解原文,掌握中心或主旨。
2. 按文章的体裁,作者写作的组织模式及有关的信息词。如for example, first, second…等预测应该到何处寻找自己所需要的事实。

Moving into a new home in a new neighborhood is an exciting experience. Of course, you want to make sure that you become an accepted and valuable part of your neighborhood. The easiest way to accomplish this is to make sure you conduct yourself as a good neighbor should. _____31_____
Perhaps one of the most important things you can do as a good neighbor is to keep your property(房产) neat, clean, and in good repair. ____32____ By choosing to keep the outside of the home in great shape, you will help to improve the look and feel of the area.
Second, take the overall appearance of the neighborhood seriously. When going for a walk, take along a small garbage bag. _____33_____ This small act will let your neighbors know that you care about the area.
______34______ If a neighbor is going to be out of town, offer to collect mail and newspapers. If a neighbor suffers an illness, offer to do the grocery shopping. Let them know that you are there to help in any way this acceptable, while still respecting the privacy of your neighbor.
______35______ By following the basic rules of respecting others, taking care of what belongs to you, and taking pride in the appearance of the neighborhood in general, you will quickly become a good neighbor that everyone appreciate.
A. In general, keep an eye on their property while they are gone.
B. A good neighbor is also one who likes to help out in small ways.
C. Being a good neighbor is more or less about considerate behavior.
D. Sometimes neighbors may go to the supermarket together to do shopping.
E. Should you come across waste paper thrown out of a passing car, pick it up.
F. People tend to take pride in keeping everything in their street fresh and inviting.
G. Here are a few tips to help you win over everyone in the neighborhood quickly.
【答案】31. G    32. F    
33. E    34. B    
35. C
31. 考查对上下文的理解和推理判断能力。本段讲如果你想成为邻居中一个可以接受和有价值的部分,最简单的方法就是确保你的行为举止像一个好邻居。下文是具体做法,G项(这里有一些技巧,可以帮助你迅速赢得邻居的信赖。)承上启下,故选G。
32. 考查对上下文的理解和推理判断能力。本段介绍和邻居关系融洽最重要的是保持干净整洁的户内户外环境,F项中People tend to take pride in keeping everything in their street fresh and inviting.(人们往往会自豪于保持街上的一切新鲜和诱人)与本段意思一致,故选F。
33. 考查对上下文的理解和推理判断能力。本段主要建议要重视社区的整体面貌,出门拿上一个垃圾袋,E项Should you come across waste paper thrown out of a passing car, pick it up.(遇到从路过的汽车里扔出的废纸,把它捡起来。)与上句连接,是举例说明拿垃圾袋的作用。故选E。
34. 考查对上下文的理解和推理判断能力。本段是建议用邻居可以接受的方式帮助他们,同时尊重邻居的隐私。B项A good neighbor is also one who likes to help out in small ways.(好邻居就是喜欢在小的方面帮助别人的人)符合本段内容,故选B。
35. 考查对上下文的理解和推理判断能力。最后一段是总结,只要我们考虑周到,尊重他人,照顾好属于自己的东西,为周围的人感到自豪,很快就会成为一个大家都喜欢的好邻居。C项中considerate behavior是下文内容的概括,故选C。
第三部分  语言运用
第一节 完形填空
We have all heard how time is more valuable than money, but is it ___36___ to have too much?
I___37___back in high school I spent most of my day at school since I also ___38___a team sport. By the time I got home, I only had a few hours to do my homework, and I had to do it ____39____
When I got into college, things ___40___. I suddenly found myself out of class before noon time. Because of all this ____41____ there was no sense of ____42____ to do my school work immediately. I was performing this action of waiting until it later became ___43___. Once that happened, I just kept___44___my studying further and further back in my day. Then I got to the point where I was_____45_____really late at night to get my work alone.
One day I _____46_____ a former classmate of mine who was _____47_____ a lot of money running a sideline(副业). Since his regular job was _____48_____, I asked him why he just didn't do his sideline full-time. He said without the job, he would _____49_____ have too much time and would just do what I did back in _____50_____. He said that if he _____51_____the job, he would lose his _____52_____ to work and succeed.
So, try _____53_____ your time with other work. This is why there is a _____54_____ that if you want something done, ask a _____55_____person to do it.
36. A. true    B. fair    C. strange    D. possible
37. A. remember    B. admit    C. understand    D. expect
38. A. watched    B. loved.    C. coached    D. played
39. A. at last    B. right away    C. of course    D. mattered
40. A. happend    B. repeated    C. changed    D. mattered
41. A. extra    B. difficult    C. valuable    D. limited
42. A. duty    B. achievement    C. urgency    D. direction
43. A. burden    B. relief    C. risk    D. habit
44. A. pushing    B. taking    C. setting    D. calling
45. A. hanging out    B. staying up    C. jogging round    D. showing off
46. A. met    B. helped    C. treated    D. hired
47. A. raising    B. wasting    C. demanding    D. making
48. A. safe    B. important    C. boring    D. rewarding
49. A. luckily    B. hardly    C. hopefully    D. simply
50. A. childhood    B. college    C. town    D. business
51. A. quit    B. found    C. accepted    D. kept
52. A. heart    B. chance    C. drive    D. way
53. A. saving    B. filling up    C. giving up    D. trading
54. A. message    B. story    C. saying    D. fact
55. A. careful    B. busy    C. reliable    D. kind
【答案】36. D    37. A    38. D    39. B    40. C    41. A    42. C    43. D    44. A    45. B    46. A    47. D    48. C    49. D    50. B    51. A    52. C    53. B    54. C    55. B
36. 考查形容词。A. true真实的;B. fair公平的;C. strange奇怪的;D. possible可能的。句意:我们都听说过时间比金钱更有价值,但是拥有的时间太多可能会把事情做好吗?表示“可能的”,表示作者的疑问,故选D。
37. 考查动词。A. remember记得;B. admit承认;C. understand理解;D. expect期望。此处表示回忆起高中时自己的生活,表示“回忆起”是remember back,故选A。
38. 考查动词。A. watched观察;B. loved热爱;C. coached训练;D. played玩。此处指自从我进行团体体育锻炼后多数时间在学校,表示“进行体育锻炼”是play sport,故选D。
39. 考查固定短语。A. at last最后;B. right away立刻,马上;C. of course当然;D. mattered有关系,要紧。因为在校时间多,在家做作业的时间就少了,所以在家时必须马上写作业。下文do my school work immediately给了提示,故选B。
40. 考查动词。A. happened发生;B. repeated重复;C. changed改变;D. mattered要紧。大学生活和高中生活不一样,所以说发生了改变。根据常识选C。
41. 考查形容词。A. extra额外的;B. difficult困难的;C. valuable有价值的;D. limited有限的。此处指大学里有许多额外的时间,故选A。
42. 考查名词。A. duty责任;B. achievement成就;C. urgency紧急;D. direction方向。大学里没有马上做作业的紧迫感,与高中时抓紧时间做作业形成对比,故选C。
43. 考查名词。A. burden负担;B. relief救济;C. risk冒险;D. habit习惯。由于不急着写作业,所以后来就形成了等的习惯。故选D。
44. 考查动词。A. pushing推;B. taking拿;C. setting放置;D. calling呼唤。与上文的waiting呼应,指形成等的习惯后,我就不断地把学习往后推,越推越远。根据常识也可知答案,故选A。
45. 考查动词短语。A. hanging out挂出,常去某处;B. staying up熬夜;C. jogging round慢跑;D. showing off炫耀。根据late at night可知,是熬夜,此处指作业等到最后熬夜完成,故选B。
46. 考查动词。A. met遇见;B. helped帮助;C. treated治疗;D. hired雇用。此处指遇到了以前的同学,故选A。
47. 考查动词。A. raising举起;B. wasting浪费;C. demanding要求;D. making获得。此处指经营副业挣了许多钱,“挣钱”是make money,故选D。
48. 考查形容词。A. safe安全的;B. important重要的;C. boring无聊的;D. rewarding有益的。因为他的常规工作是无聊的,所以作者建议他把副业作为全职工作。故选C。
49. 考查副词。A. luckily幸运地;B. hardly几乎不;C. hopefully有希望地;D. simply简单地。朋友说如果没有这个工作,很简单他就会有太多无聊的时间。根据语境故选D。
50. 考查名词。A. childhood童年时期;B. college大学;C. town城镇;D. business商业。他就会像我大学时一样因为有太多的时间而不忙着做事,与上文内容呼应,故选B。
51. 考查动词。A. quit放弃;B. found发现;C. accepted接受;D. kept保持。如果他放弃工作,就会失去工作和成功的动力。与作者的建议呼应,故选A。
52. 考查名词。A. heart心脏;B. chance机会;C. drive驱动力;D. way方法。此处指如果他放弃工作,就失去了紧迫感,就会失去工作和成功的动力。表示“动力”,故选C。
53. 考查动词。A. saving节约;B. filling up装满;C. giving up放弃;D. trading交易。句意:试着用其他工作装满你的时间,使自己忙起来。故选B。
54. 考查名词。A. message消息;B. story故事;C. saying谚语;D. fact事实。此处指if you want something done, ask a   55   person to do it.这句谚语,故选C。
55. 考查形容词。A. careful小心的;B. busy忙碌的;C. reliable可靠的;D. kind善良的。此处指如果你想做某事,请忙碌的人去做。忙碌的人会抓紧时间完成,不忙的人只会拖延时间。故选B。
点睛:、完形填空的解题技巧之一就是要根据上下文来学会“推理”出最佳选项。同学们要遵循“上下求索”的原则来查找信息。例如小题4因为在校时间多,在家做作业的时间就少了,所以在家时必须马上写作业。下文do my school work immediately给了提示,故选B。小题10根据句中late at night可知,是熬夜,此处指作业等到最后熬夜才完成。
第三部分  语言运用
Few people I know seem to have much desire or time to cook. Making Chinese ___56___(dish) is seen as especially troublesome. Many westerners ___57___ come to China cook much less than in their own countries once they realize how cheap ___58___ can be to eat out. I still remember ___59___ (visit) a friend who’d lived here for five years and I ___60___(shock) when I learnt she hadn’t cooked once in all that time.
While regularly eating out seems to ___61___(become) common for many young people in recent years, it’s not without a cost. The obvious one is money; eating out once or twice a week may be ___62___(afford) but doing this most days adds up. There could be an even ___63___ (high) cost on your health. Researchers have found that there is a direct link between the increase in food eaten outside the home and the rise in ___64___(weigh) problems.
If you are not going to suffer this problem, then I suggest that the next time you go to your mum’s home ____65____ dinner, get a few cooking tips from her. Cooking food can be fun. You might also begin to notice the effects not only on your health but in your pocket.
【答案】56. dishes    
57. who/that    
58. it    59. visiting    
60. was shocked    
61. have become    
62. affordable    
63. higher    64. weight    
65. for
56. 考查名词。此处指中国菜,表示泛指应该用名词复数,故填dishes。
57. 考查关系代词。句中包含定语从句,先行词是westerners指人,在定语从句中做主语,用关系代词who/that引导,故填who/that。
58. 考查it用法。句子为感叹句,正常语序应该是it can be how cheap to eat out.其中不定式to eat out是真正主语,it是形式主语。故填it。
59. 考查动词形式。此处指我记得去拜访一个在这里住了五年的朋友,表示记得做过某事用remember doing sth.,故填visiting。
60. 考查时态和语态。此处表示我被震惊了。shock的主语是I,两者关系是被动,动作发生在过去。故填was shocked。
61. 考查动词时态。根据时间状语in recent years可知,用现在完成时,seems to后用动词原形,故填have become。
62. 考查形容词。此处表示一周一两次外出吃饭是负担得起的。系动词be后用形容词作表语,表示“负担得起的”,故填affordable。
63. 考查形容词比较级。此处修饰名词cost用形容词,even表示程度,修饰比较级,故填higher。
64. 考查名词。此处指体重问题,用名词修饰problems,故填weight。
65. 考查介词。表示去母亲家去吃饭,表示去向、目的用介词for,故填for。
第四部分  写作
第一节  应用文写作
66. 假定你是李华,你校英语协会招聘志愿者,接待来访的国外中学生。请你写信应聘,内容包括:
(1) 口语能力:
(2) 相关经验;
(3) 应聘目的。
(1) 词数80左右;
(2) 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。
【答案】One possible version:
Dear Sir or Madam,
My name is Li Hua. And I am writing to apply for being a volunteer of our school English association.
I have a good command of English and have been to the USA twice. So I can communicate well with native speakers of English. What’s more, I am kind and friendly to other people. So I can easily get along with foreign students.
I’m particularly interested in this job because I want to further improve my oral English capabilities and interpersonal communication skills.
Hopefully I can receive your acceptance.
Yours faithfully,
Li Hua
第一步:根据提示可知,学校英语协会招聘志愿者,接待来访的国外中学生。要求写封应聘信,内容包括:1. 口语能力:2. 相关经验;3. 应聘目的。
第二步:根据写作要求确定关键词、短语和句子:I’m writing to apply for…,a good command of English,communicate with,get along with等。
第二节  读后续写
67. It was summer, and my dad wanted to treat me to a vacation like never before. He decided to take me on a trip to the Wild West.
We took a plane to Albuquerque, a big city in the state of New Mexico. We reached Albuquerque in the late afternoon. Uncle Paul, my dad’s friend, picked us up from the airport and drove us up to his farm in Pecos.
His wife Tina cooked us a delicious dinner and we got to know his sons Ryan and Kyle. My dad and I spent the night in the guestroom of the farm house listening to the frogs and water rolling down the river nearby. Very early in the morning, Uncle Paul woke us up to have breakfast. "The day starts at dawn on my farm," he said. After breakfast, I went to help Aunt Tina feed the chickens, while my dad went with Uncle Paul to take the sheep out to graze(吃草). I was impressed to see my dad and Uncle Paul riding horses. They looked really cool.
In the afternoon, I asked Uncle Paul if I could take a horse ride, and he said yes, as long as my dad went with me. I wasn’t going to take a horse ride by myself anyway. So, my dad and I put on our new cowboy hats, got on our horses, and headed slowly towards the mountains. "Don’t be late for supper," Uncle Paul cried, "and keep to the track so that you don’t get lost!" "OK! " my dad cried back. After a while Uncle Paul and his farm house were out of sight. It was so peaceful and quiet and the colors of the brown rocks, the deep green pine trees, and the late afternoon sun mixed to create a magic scene. It looked like a beautiful woven(编织的) blanket spread out upon the ground just for us.
Suddenly a little rabbit jumped out in front of my horse.

Paragraph 1: Suddenly a little rabbit jumped out in front of my horse. ____________
Paragraph 2: We had no idea where we were and it was getting dark. _____________
【答案】One possible version:
Suddenly a little rabbit jumped out in front of my horse. My horse turned to the left to avoid the little rabbit as I held on tightly and tried not to fall. Then my dad turned around and shouted, “Hold on!” All of a sudden the horse began to run. My dad tried to keep up behind us. For a few minutes my horse slowed down to a trot and then stopped beside a river. I looked around and realized that we were way off the track.
We had no idea where we were and it got dark. Luckily the stars came out and gave us a little light when we were looking for the way to the farm house. After what must have been several hours, we suddenly heard the sound of sheep in the distance. My dad and I both rode our horses towards the sound of the sheep. As we got closer we saw Uncle Paul with a flashlight waving us over. What a night!
根据第一段所给首句Suddenly a little rabbit jumped out in front of my horse.这一句是故事发展的转折点,可从rabbit出现后带来的反应扩展开,可以写马的反应,也可以写人的反应,但要注意与第二段首句相呼应。
第二段首句是We had no idea where we were and it was getting dark.这一句呼应前文Uncle Paul的叮嘱——不要误吃晚饭,可从如何寻路返回农场去写。

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